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Peptide Hormone Signal Transduction Via a G-Protein Coupled Receptor

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- Description -

G-protein-coupled receptors are cell membrane-spanning proteins that detect and convey extracellular signaling by messanger chemicals and sensory stimuli.  The tutorial demonstrates how a G-protein-coupled receptor detects a peptide hormone and converts its extracellular message into intracellular second messengers that direct the cell to respond physiologically. 

Total Runtime: approx. 7 min; 5 scenes


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I liked your G-protein movie greatly.  I would like to show it to my medical school class in physiology as a teaching tool to underscore my lecture if you don’t mind.  - C.R., Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Hello, I’m a student taking an endocrinology class via distance learning.  As such, classroom instruction can be very limited.  … Your website is awesome at explaining what occurs.  I will definitely be recommending it to my instructor. - C.

Hi … I am studying Cell + Molecular Biology at Aston University in England. I would just like to thank you quickly, I came across your website and until watching your movie had never fully understood the whole process of signal transduction by G proteins. It was very clear and to the point, and I am now hoping that it comes up in my exams! thanks again, - J.S.

I am a student in UBC and the animation my professor showed us in the lecture was way too fast. Therefore, I really appreciate your animation, because it's divided into various steps. I have no problem understanding it after watching it a few times. I like it how you can pause and think. - A.A.

I am a retired academic but continue to occupy a desk in my former Biochem and Mol Biol dept.  I spent most of my employed years teaching 'Science in context' including, for instance, a course in 'Biotechnology in context'.  I have attended the occasional seminar dealing with aspects of your animation's topic and also briefly read about it in Alberts et al.

I found your animation, mentioned to me by a colleague, quite simply 'bloody brilliant'.  I shall return to Alberts et al and then spend a leisurely hour or so with the animation again in the near future and, for the first time, feel confident of gaining an understanding all of sorts of things that I have wondered about but never before satisfactorily sorted out.

I am therefore not using your animation for teaching in the ordinary sense.  But I have begun to use it to teach myself, and feel enormously impressed with its likely effectiveness as a (1) motivator, as a (2) source of explanation and also as a (3) source of actual retention, always a problem, especially for a 66 year-old-mind. - J.E.


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