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Gibbs Donnan Equilibrium

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This animation explains the Gibbs-Donnan equilibrium.  The Gibbs-Donnan equilibrium is a property of solutions and is the electrochemical basis for the unequal distribution of ions and electrical charges across a semi-permeable membrane.  The Gibbs-Donnan equilibrium is a major contributor to the electrical charge across cellular membranes. The video describes solution equilibria and membrane differential permeability and how an impermeable ion sets up the redistribution of permeable ions. The summary scene presents the Nernst equation for calculating the charge across a membrane based on ion distributions, and solves a sample calculation. The final scene explains the impact of the equilibrium at the membrane level of an intact cell .


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I’m a student of medicine from Serbia and just want to thank you for the animation….it’s really very much helpful…. - B.

I'm teaching animal phys., a new course for me. We're just getting into neurophys and the derivation of the Nernst Equation. I found the animations you posted to be helpful in my own understanding, and will use this to help explain the phenomenon to my class. - W.B.

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